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Full System Administration

Turnkey WEB-based EOC services delivered with high SME at low cost, resulting in greater response capability, enabling you to quickly adapt to crisis situations.

WebEOC Knowledge Center Corvena is a registered trademark of the Juvare subsidiary, Esi Acquisition, Inc., a Juvare company, and that the use of WebEOC by Crisis Systems is in no way connected to or in partnership with Juvare or ESi Acquisition, Inc.

High SME

- Certified industry professionals with EM experience
- 15 years of WEB-baed EOC experience across 300 implementations

Lower Cost

- Removes admin burden allowing you to focus on your primary job 
- Lower cost than an FTE
- No staff on-boarding or ramp up needed
- Increased value to the organization

Greater Response Capability

- Quickly adapt to new operational requirements
- Stable support from a dedicated resource that knows your system   
- Intuitive user experience
- Maintain a close complement to current response plans
- Drive greater system knowledge, capability and utilization
- Increase daily use scenarios & process automation
- Implement industry best-practices

What's Included

- Technical support
- User management & support
- System upgrades 
- Board building updates
- Server management
- Exercise & Activation support  
- Roadmap planning

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